Earth Series Bracelet #BR0016S-0000

Something which both of us intended to do a long long time and only able to get this series – Earth Series coming out.

The concept, as you will be seeing soon, all these bracelets are knotted with cotton strings. We try to minimized the use of any other material in order to have a range that speaks for mother earth.

We hope you love them as much as we madly love knotting them! Yay!


Hazel & Rose

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BR0016S-0000 2xxx
BR0016S-0000 2x
BR0016S-0000 2xx

Material :-
Wax cotton string

Note :

The end of the strings near to the end of the know is purposely burned in order to stop the end of the string to become ‘bushy’

Measurement :

Customisable according to request. Current and available piece is 16 cm

Colours :-

Deep sea blue & ivory white

Availability :

One & available for remakes

Price : RM15

Any enquiries, please feel free to e-mail us at


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