Special Order Orange-Dressed Teddy Bear

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Yes… I am found guilty…Guilty of not posting up my latest batch of work… But, I am going to make it up for you. More to come tomorrow!

This particular batch is made for a beloved client of mine. I made a bunch of them for her and she is on the mission of decorating her newly bought display cabinet with all these cuties!




Bird in Cage (Humming Bird Series) #VNS0001

Made with :-

Vintage toggle and chain
Yellow cat eye beads
Jade Swarovski shell pearls
Yellow rose cabochon
‘ Bird in Cage ‘ vintage charm
Vintage butterfly links
Measurement :
24 cm & customisable
Availability :
1 piece & available for remakes
Price :
RM22 per piece

Should you have any queries, please feel free to e-mail us at mybeadsandcharmscloset@gmail.com

~ Much love, Hazel & Rose ~

Vintage Charms in the House!

It had been a long time since both me and Hazel re-stock our closet. We went for a little adventure and found some beautiful vintage charms which both of us really excited about.

It is like playing with fashion that we mix and match these cuties we had and yes, we hope you like mix and matches here. Oh! Why not share your thoughts here by leaving your comments. Your thought counts!

Hello Kitty Enthusiast Theme

Photographer’s Love for Paris Theme

Forest Fairy Theme

Butterfly Fairy Time Theme

Let’s Sail A Child’s Expedition Theme

Travel Paris in Autumn Theme

Let’s Walk in Paris Baby Theme

Beautiful Pianist Theme[/caption]

Special Order : Mickey Mouse Keychain

Most well-known Disney character of all time. I had fun beading this piece up. I love this personally. Do you?

~ Hugs, Hazel ~

Measurement :

5.0 cm (height) x 3.0 cm (width from one hand to the other) x 2.3 cm (from tip of the nose to the back of the head)

Availability :  As when requested

Mickey Mouse (side andle)

Mickey Mouse (back)

Special Order : Hello Kitty Keychain

To all Hello Kitty fans out there, this one is for you! Yay!

This is a special order by one of my client who happens to be a big fan of adorable and loveable character.

Measurement : 3.0 cm (height) x 2.5 cm (width) x 1.5 cm (thickness)

Material : Swarovski Crystal

Availability :   As when requested

~ Hugs, Hazel ~

Hello Kitty Keychain (front angle)

Hello Kitty Keychain (from below)