Earthly Faux Suede Lace Bracelet #BR0021S-0281

I got this idea when I dropped by at one of my suppliers place the other day. She told me ” Hey! I got some newly stocked ready-made bracelets! You may love to have some for yourself! “.

It was beautiful. To that she also added ” Sad thing is that not much earthly colours they have, “.

With that, I made one here. Earthly enough to me because of the beautiful sea blue and blue cat eye which I got a day or two before this. I had this matched with crystal-clear chinese crystal beads to give it some glimmers reminiscence the sea.

Holding on to the beads is a strand of sand-colored faux suede lace. I found myself a packet of buttons in my sewing box. Turquoise-colored button as the closure to the bracelet. Match well, huh?



Materials :-

Two hues of blue cateye beads, crystal-colored chinese crystal beads, button, cotton string, faux suede lace

Measurement :-

Existing piece is 18.5 cm & customisable

Availability :-

One & 1 Remake

Price :-

RM30 per piece 

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Personalised Wedding Gift – For Rachel

The wedding is coming up! Yeah! Great news to begin the year with! Congratulations, Rachel! May you have a blessed wedding and a joyous one too!

And thank you HL of giving us the honour to personalise this gift your best gf! Yay!

Girl, you are at luck because I have the final piece of the elaborated butterfly vintage charm and the second last piece of the vintage ‘Love’ heart-shaped charm too!

Love & Hugs,


Honey Series #BSSET001

The brightest Sunday morning we had ever seen after weeks of cloudiness here in Kuala Lumpur. What was more pleasing is that we have finally know what to do with those beautiful flower caps we have.

Here is the Honey series!

Love and hugs,

NOTE :  If you have any queries at all, please feel free to drop us an e-mail at

We shall reply the soonest we can 🙂

Measurement : 30 cm long

Made of : Bright silver chain & toggle, chinese crystals, yellow cat eye beads, silver butterfly findings

Availability : 1 piece & 1 remake only

Price : RM25 per piece (excluding shipping charges)


Measurement : 17 cm long ( nice fit for wrist with measurement of 16 cm )

Materials : Chinese crystals, yellow cat eye beads, antique silver crown toggle & yellow flower cap

Availability : 1 ready made unit & 1 remake

Price : RM29 (excluding shipping charges)

Bright silver plated earring from Honey series

Bright silver plated earrings #BSSET0001ER from Honey series.

Measurement : 7.5 cm long

Made of : Bright silver plated hook, chinese crystals, silver butterfly findings, stainless steel headpins & yellow morning glory cap

Availability : 1 pair only and available for 1 more remake

Price : RM12 per pair (excluding shipping charges)

All About Girls Bracelet #VBS0017

No matter how old we girls get, we are always a girl at heart. To all the girls out there, this one is for you! All Girls bracelet 🙂


Made with :-

Vintage toggle and chain

Vintage heart charms

Vintage mini camera charms

Vintage teddy bear

Ivory shell pearl Swarovski

Blue cat eye

Pink cat eye

Crystal colour chinese crystals

Yellow coloured chinese crystals

Measurement :-

16 cm

Availability :

1 only & available for remakes

Price :-

RM28 per piece

For enquiries, please feel free to drop us an e-mail at