Special Order Orange-Dressed Teddy Bear

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Yes… I am found guilty…Guilty of not posting up my latest batch of work… But, I am going to make it up for you. More to come tomorrow!

This particular batch is made for a beloved client of mine. I made a bunch of them for her and she is on the mission of decorating her newly bought display cabinet with all these cuties!




Personalised Wedding Gift – For Rachel

The wedding is coming up! Yeah! Great news to begin the year with! Congratulations, Rachel! May you have a blessed wedding and a joyous one too!

And thank you HL of giving us the honour to personalise this gift your best gf! Yay!

Girl, you are at luck because I have the final piece of the elaborated butterfly vintage charm and the second last piece of the vintage ‘Love’ heart-shaped charm too!

Love & Hugs,


Special Order : Mickey Mouse Keychain

Most well-known Disney character of all time. I had fun beading this piece up. I love this personally. Do you?

~ Hugs, Hazel ~

Measurement :

5.0 cm (height) x 3.0 cm (width from one hand to the other) x 2.3 cm (from tip of the nose to the back of the head)

Availability :  As when requested

Mickey Mouse (side andle)

Mickey Mouse (back)

Special Order : Hello Kitty Keychain

To all Hello Kitty fans out there, this one is for you! Yay!

This is a special order by one of my client who happens to be a big fan of adorable and loveable character.

Measurement : 3.0 cm (height) x 2.5 cm (width) x 1.5 cm (thickness)

Material : Swarovski Crystal

Availability :   As when requested

~ Hugs, Hazel ~

Hello Kitty Keychain (front angle)

Hello Kitty Keychain (from below)

Coffee Coloured Terrier = #TRR01

A sample piece which I did before this managed to catch the eyes for the dog lover friends of mine recently. I could not helped but to laughed at one of my friend’s mini terrier when she placed this piece which I did next to her terrier (a real terrier!).

I mean you can picture that in your mind right? It was hilarious!

Anyway, here’s for the real terrier!

Coffee Coloured Terrier - Side

Super mini terrier keychain (side)

Coffee Coloured Terrier
Coffee Coloured Terrier (Another Side)

Coffee Coloured Terrier (Front)
Coffee Coloured Terrier (front)

Made with :-

Transparent coloured diamond shape cutted crystal

Beige coloured diamond shape cutted crystal

Size :-

6 cm (long) x 5 cm (tall) x 2.5 cm (width)