Customised Charm Bracelet – Ballerina Beauty

The Ballerina Beauty Charm

Customized Charm from Magdalene’s mom to ballerina Magdalene

Magdalene’s mom, who is a close friend of mine, approached me for a customize piece for her eldest daughter upcoming birthday ( Happy birthday to you, Magdalene! ).

Getting some ballerina shoes on the piece resembles Magdalene’s passion and also what she does best, ballet. Yes, she is a ballet dancer and I am hoping to see her perform someday (Psssttt! She is now at her advanced level of ballet course! An upcoming ballet dancer in the making! ).

Here is what I came up with and I hope she likes it! Cheers!

~ With much love, Rose ~

Made with :-

Bright silver cable chain and toggle

Milk white rose cabochon

Silver apple shaped pieces

Mirror enameled charm

Shoe enameled charms

Ivory white rose cabochons

Butterfly shaped crystal beads


Princess Charm Bracelet (Pink)

A debut piece by Rose. Nothing beats a good debut piece inspired by your own name, right?

Hope you like it.

Made with        :

Bright silver cable chain

Milk white rose cabochon

Enameled charms

Bright silver toggle

Measurements :-

20 cm

Availability       :   SOLD

Price   :-

MYR35 per piece only