Earth Series Bracelet #BR0017S-0000

Second piece of Earth Series bracelet. This one is one piece if a challenge to do! Took the longest time of the series.  But, the outcome is satisfying!

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With much love & cheers,

Hazel & Rose

BR0017S-0000 x
BR0017S-0000 xx
BR0017S-0000 xxx

Material :-
Wax cotton string
Measurement :-
Customisable according to request. Current and available piece is 17.5 cm
Colours :-
Flaming red, dark sea blue & ivory white
Availability :-
SOLD and remakes is available
(updated on March 10th, 2013)
Price :-

Any enquiries, please feel free to e-mail us at

Charm Pendant – Little Mushroom (MRM001)

Hey, Little Mushroom!

Inspired with the thoughts of frequent rain lately. Made out of beads entirely. ┬áCan be a very versatile piece – as keychain or charm pendant.

~ Hugs, Hazel ~

Little Yellow Mushroom Charm Pendant

Charm Pendant – Little Yellow Mushroom made of beads entirely

Customised Charm Bracelet – Ballerina Beauty

The Ballerina Beauty Charm

Customized Charm from Magdalene’s mom to ballerina Magdalene

Magdalene’s mom, who is a close friend of mine, approached me for a customize piece for her eldest daughter upcoming birthday ( Happy birthday to you, Magdalene! ).

Getting some ballerina shoes on the piece resembles Magdalene’s passion and also what she does best, ballet. Yes, she is a ballet dancer and I am hoping to see her perform someday (Psssttt! She is now at her advanced level of ballet course! An upcoming ballet dancer in the making! ).

Here is what I came up with and I hope she likes it! Cheers!

~ With much love, Rose ~

Made with :-

Bright silver cable chain and toggle

Milk white rose cabochon

Silver apple shaped pieces

Mirror enameled charm

Shoe enameled charms

Ivory white rose cabochons

Butterfly shaped crystal beads