About Us

Hazel & Rose are both very different individuals. Yet both have one thing in common – beads and charms. They believe every piece created by them are unique and represent the wearer of the pieces that made.

About Hazel

Can be considered as a master with the beads work. Started as a hobby before starting to accept requests from friends.

With the 7 years of experience under her belt, her work has become more refined. As requests becomes more complicated, her work remains as fine and beautiful as ever.

About Rose

Newcomer to the crafting scene. Yet has an eye for very feminine and whimsical things. An artist in her very own right; where she photographs wedding for her friends, she find tiny, thoughtful gifts to the guests is the most sweetest thing ever.

With this, she starts crafting bracelets as gifts for her friends. Before she knew it, more bracelets have to be produced!

The rest as they say, it’s history…

Should you have any queries pertaining our crafts, at all, please feel free to contact us at mybeadsandcharmscloset@gmail.com

We will answer the soonest we can!


P/S  :   It is advisable to read our blogshop’s purchase policies before making your purchase. Shipping details & postage charges can be found here.

Purchase of our products is easy! Here is a purchase guide than we hope can make your purchase as simple as possible and we hope it helps!


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